Do You Have Questions?

We get it, our model is totally different. Here are some common answers that might help clear things up.

What Makes Spark Unique?

Spark is a registered Arizona non-profit and federally recognized 501©3.

Nope. It might sound like a wild idea at first, but it’s exactly like the model of the churches we serve. We don’t want to exclude small ministries because their budgets can’t afford top technology. They are the large ministries of tomorrow. We also don’t want to put them in the position of having to apply for grants. So, we don’t charge anyone to use Rock. We do, however, have a suggested minimum donation that helps to scale the support of the organization according to the size of the ministry that is using it. We’re really not in this to make money. We’re in this to make relationship-building technology accessible to all for the good of the global Church.

We’re funded primarily through the donations of the ministries that use our products. We also have a partnership program with organizations that provide compatible services and support to the churches in our community. We have an annual conference and some training events that also cover some additional expenses, and occasionally take on paid projects for a few churches that need our help. We want churches to know that we are totally committed to their best interest so we picked a difficult model that essentially mirrors their own. Learn more about it on this video

We needed a system (commonly called a church management system or ChMS) to help manage our individual churches’ data. One that worked well, was extensible and configurable, that we could freely share with other churches and organizations. We also wanted a system built on open-source code, meaning anyone could have access to the code to use or modify to fit their needs. We couldn’t find that application, so we formed Spark Development Network and decided to build it. Rock is our premiere collaboration.

We don’t force organizations to tell us they’re using Rock, so we can’t tell you with 100% accuracy. However, most churches do self-report and we’ve published that dynamic list here so you won’t think you’re out on a limb when you see who else is using it.

Our goal is to provide a priceless data and relationship management solution to churches and organizations of all sizes around the world. One that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. One that prioritizes the mission of building God’s Kingdom over corporate cash flow. We want to give organizations of all sizes the opportunity to partner with us by contributing what they can to help develop and maintain Rock. If you would like to become a contributing member of the Rock community, you can invest in Rock by donating online.

See the Rock FAQ for more answers