Get Involved!

What are you waiting for? There is work to be done. Grab a shovel and jump in the trench! Below are a few ideas about how you can get involved.

Building the Team

The Spark Development Network is currently building the team and we need you. Below are a few specific needs:

  • Web Design: We're in need of an experienced and creative web designer to help with the development of our website.
  • C# / ASP.Net Developers: The Rock RMS project is being built on the Microsoft .Net stack. We're looking for experienced rock-star C# developers to join the team to move the project forward even faster.
  • Service Infrastructure: Do you enjoy setting up things like servers, wikis, and ci environments? If you'll lend your experience we'll use it.
  • Innovative Thinkers: The goal of the Rock project is not to build yet another church management system (yachms) but rather a new generation management solution. If you're thinking big in this area join the team.

If you see yourself filling one of these needs, or think you could help in another way please sign-up on our Rock Get Involved page or contact us at nick(at) or jon(at)

No Time? You Can Still Participate!

If you lack the time or specific skills needed, you can still be involved. How? Pray! We have a strong team with much talent and experience, but success in the past doesn't guarantee success in the future. We need God's help in a big way! Keep us in your prayers and consider sending some encouraging words to members of the team.

We are also in need of recurring funding to help our developers focus on core development and documentation full-time, rather than continuing to take on outside development projects to meet budgetary needs. With so many great ideas and plans on the horizon, the only thing standing between most feature development and polishing, or delaying its development, is a simple matter of finances. If you believe in the mission of Rock, or if you represent an organization that is finding value in Rock, please support our continued work by donating online.